A Family for Nicholas and Gabe

A Family for Nicholas and GabeIn 2006, after a long road of infertility issues, we were blessed to give birth to a little girl.  In 2009, we began to feel like our family was not complete. We knew that we did not want to go down the road of infertility treatments again. We felt that God was leading us to adopt. Through Bible study and prayer, we realized that God wanted us to adopt through foster care. In starting the process, we were very adopted minded, but by the time we had our license, we knew that God had called us to be foster parents and that adoption was going to be the bonus. We had our first placement of a little boy that lived with us for 13 months. He ended up going back to his mother.  It was hard to see him go, but we knew that we had loved him when he needed to be loved. During the same time he was in our home, we had a set of twin girls that also went home to their mother.

After the twins left, in January 2010 we took the placement of a 4 month old boy. He had been born premature at 27 week, came with a feeding tube and was diagnosed with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. His name was Nicholas. The baby boy was supposed to go to his dad in Illinois once CPS had the clearance that the dad was a good placement for Nicholas.  In October of 2010, we found out CPS determined his dad would not be a good placement for him. We also found out that the mom’s parental rights were going to be terminated.  In December, the dad decided to relinquish his parental rights under the condition that Nicholas stayed with us. We were so excited to have our forever son! We finalized his adoption on National Adoption Day in November 2011. Currently, Nicholas is 3 years old and is making tremendous developmental progress. He is doing things that even his therapists were surprised that he was accomplishing.  He is talking better than most of his friends at church of the same age. He is very strong and loves to go to gymnastics. He still has his feeding tube, and he is working with his Speech Therapist on learning to eat. He is one of the sweetest, most compassionate 3 year olds and he loves hugs and playing with his big sister.

Right around the same time that we found out Nicholas would be ours forever, we got a call for the placement of a 2 month old baby boy named Gabriel (we called him Gabe). He was also born at 27 weeks premature and was diagnosed with DiGeorge Syndrome (a chromosomal abnormality affecting the immune system).  Gabriel’s situation was unique in that CPS wanted to find foster parents who would commit to taking Gabriel, however he would not be going home from the hospital for another month. We said yes to Gabriel and visited him daily in the NICU at the hospital. During his NICU stay we learned about his syndrome and that he also had severe reflux.  His terrible reflux would end up giving him the diagnosis of failure to thrive. We worked with his doctors and therapists to get him going in the right direction on gaining weight and developing successfully. At first, things looked like Gabe would go home to his mom, but in the summer of 2011, we found out that his plan would be adoption. God prompted our hearts, and we said yes to Gabe for forever. We finalized his adoption in February of 2012. Gabe will be 2 at the end of October 2012. He is just starting to walk, and he is finally 20 pounds.  Just recently at a therapy visit, his occupational therapist said “if you had asked me several months ago if he would ever walk, I would have told you no.” We were also told by many doctors that many kids in his condition need a feeding tube, but he did not because he was always aggressive with taking his bottles. He really is a little miracle that gives the biggest hugs and kisses.

We love the way that God has knitted our family together. Even though Nicholas and Gabe come from 2 completely different families, we are told by people all of the time that they look like biological brothers. When we began our adoption journey, we had no idea how God would grow us and our family, but it has been perfect. We have also developed some lasting friendships with the boys’ physical therapist, occupational therapist, and speech therapist, kind of like an extra extended family. Though some moments can be difficult dealing with their disabilities or juggling therapy schedules, they are two of the most special boys that have made our family so blessed. Shortly after we finalized Nicholas’ adoption, we were surprised to find out we were pregnant. Our little girl was born in July 2012. We now have 2 precious girls and 2 amazing boys. God has truly blessed us!

-Nicholas and Gabe’s Forever Family

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