A Family For Jaylin

Today, 10/18/2012, marks one year since Jaylin came home.  This whole journey has been just that, a journey.  It has been amazing to see what God has done in a relatively short amount of time and we are greatly comforted by the fact that He never leaves us.

After we were first licensed and waiting for the call or email to let us know we had been selected, there were so many unknowns, thoughts and even fears.  During this time, we had to make an intentional effort to live in the present, enjoy what God had given us for each day and not wonder and live in the future of “what ifs.”  This, of course, is always easier said than done, but this greatly protected our hearts and we think better prepared us for the day that our family would be expanded through adoption.

As we waited there were a couple calls about potential placements.  We had opened up the door to “special needs” because there was a little boy on the TARE website that captured our hearts, however we were scared to death about the possibility that God may call us to this little boy.  Well, we were selected as one of the potential families for this boy & God sure did have our attention.  There is no greater place to be than totally dependent on the Lord, & looking back on that time it really was a sweet time with the Lord.  We were not selected as top pick for this boy, but it was further preparation for the journey, within a few weeks the email came that has now forever changed our lives.

We received the email informing us that we had been selected for a little boy with whom there were some unclear results about what may or may not have been endured during pregnancy. When asked if would we like to still be considered, it was an easy yes.  God had already stretched us outside our “box” & we were now better prepared to say yes to His call.  The following weeks were filled with emails, file reading, meetings and first visits.  Once again the Lord in His grace and love showed us He was in this process. As we read the file there were some things that gave us pause, however there were many things that confirmed to us, this boy was ours.

Our first visit with Jaylin was strange and sweet at the same time.  Then we had multiple visits that involved our two other children and extended stays. This was a hard time having him for a while and then taking him back to the foster home, however we had to trust this process about what was best for Jaylin.  October 17, 2011 is the date Jaylin came home for good.  The months that passed were filled with great joy and great frustration.  We didn’t know him, he didn’t know us, EVERYTHING was learning as you go type of situation.  We are SO grateful for the support we received from our case manager at Covenant Kids, really she was such a blessing!  We needed that encouragement, guidance and support.  It took a long time before our boy took less than 2 hours to fall asleep at night and stay asleep the whole night.  We had to show him we were not leaving, that we are safe people and he is in a safe place.  We were always thinking how we can show him he is safe and secure, we had to let go of ‘other’ behavior issues to first establish attachment and relationship.  This was challenging especially when we had already been in the ‘groove’ of parenting two other kids.  At this time we have seen such amazing changes not only in Jaylin, but we continue to grow as parents of three amazing kids.  God’s grace is sufficient, and when we are weak, He is strong!

– Jaylin’s Forever Family

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